About the Company:

Blackfire® is a company that is driven by innovation.

In 2008 Blackfire® was founded with the objective of transforming customer needs into elegantly designed products. Breaking out of the “tubes with bulbs” mentality and providing real solutions that answered user needs made more sense.

Each Blackfire® product is thought of with the user foremost in mind. Questions are asked; what tasks will the user undertake and what are the needs around them? How do the products interact ergonomically with the user? What performance characteristics would be most beneficial to the user? Blackfire® began with Clamplight - a light like no other. We’ve developed the ultimate lighting solution in versatility with the ability to swivel in multiple directions, clamp to various objects, and stand on surfaces. Blackfire® continues to develop an entire range of products for our customers’ needs. The response we get from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive and helps fuel our passion to develop more solutions for diverse needs.